Amy Lukins

Amy has worked in the Early Childhood Industry for the last 14 years as an educator and Inclusion support facilitator. Amy recently completed her qualifications as an Allied Health Assistant specializing in Occupational Therapy.

Amy is a Qualified Basic DIR floortime Provider and uses this to inform her clinical practice. Amy has a particular interest in understanding and supporting children in their social and emotional development including emotional regulation skills. Amy has completed her Zones of Regulation training which she explores with children to support emotional regulation skills.

Amy has strong skills and experience working with neurodivergent children along with their families. Amy understands both the joys and challenges of living with a neurodivergent child and the role the entire family plays within their individual journey. It is for that reason Amy has a strong emphasis on collaboration with families as she supports their individual child.

Amy works part-time with flexible hours to accommodate a range of support needs including school sessions, home sessions as well as clinic sessions.

For bookings with Amy, please email

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