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Updated 6th May 2021

Due to the evolving COVID situation the Premier has announced updated restrictions for Greater Sydney including Wollongong, Central Coast and Blue Mountains.

As of 6th May 2021 all practitioners will be wearing masks when engaging with clients.

Our current Safe Plan continues to include:

  1. Use of the NSW QR Code for all attendees at the practice (preferred) or signing our COVID19 Consent Form.

  2. Sanitisation of all surfaces touched during consultations after each consultation.

  3. Strategies to reduce foot traffic into the practice by offering online sessions to as many people as possible (where appropriate). We acknowledge that there are many who have not coped well with this process and would prefer to stay face to face, please let your practitioner know that this is the preferred option continue to maintain social distancing and hand sanitising as you enter the practice.

If you would like to see our Safe Plan please ask Loan Pham for a copy, loanpham.ripples@gmail.com.


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What This Means: Attending the Practice


  1. Practitioners who cannot maintain social distancing (e.g. during play therapy, occupational therapy or using joint resources with clients) will be wearing a mask when seeing any client face to face.

  2. Practitioners will not be wearing a mask is when online, during telehealth sessions, when in their own office without other people in the office.

Service Users

  1. If you need to read our lips and can engage in a counselling processing and cannot engage well via phone or video, you are welcome to continue to book your sessions as a face to face session.

  2. When attending the practice you may either scan the NSW QR Code (preferred option) or sign the COVID19 consent.

  3. When attending your face to face you will be required maintain at least 1.5m social distancing with anyone within the practice at all times.

  4. Face to face session cans only go ahead if you pass our COVID-19 symptom checklist and consent form.

  5. If you have been in contact with a known COVID19 case or are in isolation due to getting tested or having symptoms, your consultation can only continue if done online/telehealth.

Parents Dropping off children/Young People

Parents and carers who are not staying in the consult need to drop off children/clients at the door and avoid entering the practice – due to social distancing needs.

  1. We have assigned the waiting room the capacity of 4 people - which includes practitioners walking in and out of the consultation rooms. It is therefore essential that when you arrive for your consultation that you arrive as close to the appointment time as possible.

  2. Please scan the QR Code with your phone for yours or your child's attendance at the practice and show your practitioner the sign in or sign the consent form.

  3. Parents and carers will need to return to pick up children/individuals close to the 1hr mark as possible and wait outside the office. If the car is parked close by we can walk your child to the car (if appropriate), if not we can call you when we have finished so you do not wait in the cold outside the office.

Thank you for your cooperation and helping us all stay safe.


You can click the button below to access our COVID19 Consent form to sign your own copy prior to attending, or sign the copy at our reception desk. You can also scan the QR code at our front door.