Online - Telehealth & Video Consent Form

During this unprecedented and uncertain time, our clinic provides an essential service and we will continue to support the wellbeing of our clients to the best of our ability.

Ripples is currently offering alternative counselling options including phone sessions and online video sessions to minimise in-person contact and reduce safety risks for our clients. We understand that it is a big shift in mindset for all of us needing to transition to more online services. It is a stressful time for families, and we feel it is important for people to retain support for themselves and their younger ones.

Many healthcare organisations have transitioned to online applications such as ‘Zoom’, and at Ripples we have decided to adopt this mode of video conferencing communication as well. We are able to offer a range of indirect services through Zoom’s interface including online face-to-face meetings to carry out your usual 1:1 session with your practitioner. For our younger Ripples clients, we can provide services for parent support and behaviour management support.

Zoom sessions can be made interactive and engaging for our younger clients and we are continuously learning new methods to keep our clients engaged. With the right techniques, we believe that our younger clients can receive the support they need with our practitioners online. This may also serve as a good opportunity for parents to practise strategies with their young ones at home in real-time with the guidance and support of their practitioner.

We will continue to follow and maintain confidentiality standards and protect client health information just as we have been doing at the clinic. This means we will continue operating in a confidential space while conducting our telehealth sessions. We have ensured that Zoom is a viable application that meet privacy and security standards. For more information go to

We ask that our clients who agree to telehealth sessions to follow the same confidentiality standards and choose a space that is private where they are able to speak to their practitioner without other people present or able to overhear the conversation. Our practitioners will be setting up the Zoom conference either within the practice rooms, or in a home office.

To assist this process:

  1. Please create a zoom account with the email address you have provided us

  2. Please ensure that your webcam and microphone is ready to use

  3. Please ensure that your device/mobile is also charged

  4. We will be sending an email and/or text to provide the link of the zoom meeting

  5. The waiting room is available for the zoom session, so you can enter the meeting before it starts

  6. Your practitioner will accept your entry once they are ready to start the meeting

If there are any glitches in video counselling, it can help to have the phone conversation as the audio. If video does not work, we can revert back to phone counselling. For any further tips around setting up the session please see our website

Other than the COVID-19 Medicare and NDIS with the COVID-19 Temporary Increase your fees will remain the same.

We are a cashless service and require contactless payment. We would prefer that your fees are processed by credit card with a credit card authority, however for those who have been able to pay invoices via direct debits you are welcome to do so. Medicare rebates are immediately processed via our online platform, Halaxy. Please ensure that your Medicare card details are up to date on your file. If the services are provided for a child, we need to also know the claimant’s (parent/care giver) Medicare details. This is not required for NDIS clients who are plan managed or NDIA managed, WorkCover or Victims Services clients.

Acknowledgement: Medicare Details & Signature