Wellness Policy

Returning to school has many ups and downs. One of them being in a group cohort of other’s that aren’t always as healthy as us. With the current state of world health It seem like a timely reminder of the Ripples practice policy regarding wellness. We have many little (and not so little) people that attend here and some of them have very low to no immunity, respiratory conditions and others that are significantly affected by something as typical as the common cold, let alone something more virulent. 

Cancelling Sessions 

If you or your little one are unwell, please cancel your session. This includes fevers, coughing and sneezing. 


There are 7 therapists at the Ripples therapy space and that means over 160 people coming through a relatively small space each week. The work we do is up close and personal and chances of passing something on is high. We also have numerous people we work with that have low or No immune system and the risk to them is very high. 

If your child is not well enough to go to school or is refused school attendance based on their symptoms your therapy session needs to be cancelled. 

Please ensure that cancellations are provided more than 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment to avoid the cancellation fee (as per cancellation policy).

Doctor's Clearance

If your little one has a doctors clearance to go back to school/preschool/daycare but they still have a running nose and are sneezing/coughing etc and still wishes to attend their appointment please let the therapist know in advance.


Within the OT space we can turn the session into a ninja session to be on the safe side. There is a photo of ninja session attire here. Blue/pink/yellow ninja masks available for your little ones. They’re washable for up to three washes in a delicates bag; and may even provide hours of imaginary play entertainment after the session.

Video Conference/Telehealth

Video-counselling can be provided as an option for adolescents and adults seeing our psychologists/provisional psychologists.

If this is something you wish to organise please let your clinician know so that a zoom calendar invite can be sent out for video conferencing. If you do not have internet data phone counselling may be provided as an alternative to video conferencing.